The IIDA are proud to be one of the largest independent insulation distribution groups in the UK and comprises of 10 companies.

We are involved in all aspects of insulation distribution, including structural (new build and refurbished), heating and ventilation applications, fire protection and noise control.

The IIDA has nationwide coverage including Ireland. Each individual branch can offer technical help and a service that we believe is second to none.

All IIDA companies stock a wide range of insulation and ancillary products.

Look below at our extensive range of insulation products to suite your every need.

Glass and rock based insulation products

Glass and Rock

Pipe sections are available in glass (Sager or Isover) and in Rock (Paroc).

Other glass and rock products include Ductslab and Ductwrap, Paroc Mattress and Knauf Mattress, Icerock, Lamella and Crimpwrap.

Rigid foam based insulation products

Rigid Foams

Our large selection of rigid foams include Supaphen phenolic (sections, slabs, laminates, lags and pipe supports), Phenolic Duct systems, Nilflam/Urethane sections, Polyisocyanurate sections and Polystyrene sections.

Flexible foam insulation products

Flexible Foams

We can provide nitrile rubber sheets and rolls in both tubed and self seal sections. Tubed sections can be split by our specialist machinery. Rolls, sheets and high temperature/solar products are also available from stock, along with polyethylene sections.

Foam glass insulation

Other Insulants

Specialist materials include calcium silicate (sections, slabs, lags), foam glass sections (slabs and lags) and ceramic fibre (blankets, boards and valve & flange covers which can be tailored to your needs).

Asbestos removal equipment

Asbestos Removal

We stock a wide range of respiratory equipment, overalls and safety wear, disposable clothing and towels, specialist polythene asbestos bags and sheet, handtools, wetting agents and penetrants, coatings and encapsulants, warning signs, transtent skins and poles.

Structural insulation products including loft insulation

Structural Insulation

Insulants to meet the needs for new and refurbished buildings, including specialist acoustic materials and plasterboards.

We stock a variety of manufacturers including Isover, Knauf, Celotex, Lafarge, Recticel, Rockwool and Actis.

Fire protection and fire stoppage products

Fire Protection

A range of products that provide fire protection and fire stoppage, including intumescent door strips, pipe collars and wraps, mastics and foams, intumescent batts and fire proof coatings.

Ancillaries for insulation products


Fixings and fastenings, pipe and duct identification, Ventureclad, cements, compounds, compositions, Isogenopak coverings, PIB, felt, canvas, glass tissue and scrims, bituminous paints, sealants, mastics and coatings, adhesive and tapes, warning signs, metal jacketing and aluminium sheets.